EKO3 by Loimu

Ecology means to Loimuhomes a combination of three key things: excellent indoor air quality combined with carbon neutral construction and energy efficient living. We call this concept EKO3.


Excellent indoor air quality

Excellent indoor air quality is reached through the selection natural construction and interior materials.

Breathing structure

Loimuhomes ecological homes use wood fibre based thermal insulation in the walls and ceilings and solid wood in the frame. This way wall and ceiling structures become a breathing system, which improves indoor air quality by affecting the humidity. Optimal indoor humidity improves significantly the sensory air quality experience through odours and freshness, durability of materials, energy consumption and the thermal and living comfort of the inhabitants.

Breathing means the ability of the material to absorb, move and emit humidity. Wood as a hygroscopic material is a natural choice for breathing structures. Hygroscopic materials absorb and emit humidity aiming at balancing humidity with the surrounding environment.

Low-emitting materials

Loimuhomes selects surface materials from as low-emitting options as possible. Painted surfaces including ceilings and walls are typically the largest proportion of all the interior surface of a home. This is why Loimuhomes has chosen an ecological, fully breathing, natural oil based and emission-free paint made in Finland. An emission-free pain does not emit to the indoor air for example harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC emissions). These volatile organic compounds are created for example by chemical solvents. We prefer also emission-free glues and surface coating in hardwood floors.

Carbon neutrality and climate change

The most important single reason for climate change are carbon emissions (CO2).

Thats is why Loimuhomes builds as carbon neutral homes as possible. Carbon neutrality means there will be only as much carbon emission as can be absorbed in carbon sinks. The most important carbon sink in construction are forests where all the wooden materials come from. Other carbon sinks include soil and waters which must be kept clean and alive.

Loimuhomes takes pride in keeping the built environment green and thus advance the goal of reaching carbon neutrality. The yards of Loimuhomes are always designed by a professional partner who takes priority in the woods and vegetation.

Carbon emissions are created first during the construction process and then in the long lifecycle of the home as a result of normal living. All carbon emission throughout the home’s lifecycle cannot be absorbet into carbon sinks so those can be compensated in another way for example by investing into wind power or other renewable energy sources.

Loimuhomes aims to select only partners who operate in a carbon neutral way and can prove they have compensated the carbon footprint of the products they have manufactured.

Energy efficiency

Loimuhomes aims always to have its homes certified in energy class A.

Loimuhomes come with energy efficient and green geothermal energy system which has been connected with water circulating underfloor heating. Geothermal energy is clean and renewable heat, which the sun has emitted in the ground. This system can be extended with an energy efficient air conditioning and solar power production.