We are passionate to build ecological and long-lasting homes for every family

We build homes that are designed to stand through times and adapt to changes in life. We use traditional, proven construction materials with the latest technologies.

We are building a better and ecological Finland one home at a time

The idea of a construction firm that would provide ecological and beautiful wooden houses was born a couple years ago when we noticed there are numerous large lots with old one-family homes to be demolished in our residential area. Thus Loimuhomes was born, to provide beautiful, healthy, ecological and long-lasting homes in the best neighbourhoods in Finland.

Behind the name Loimuhomes is the material “loimu”, used in all our houses as the main building material. What makes it so special is the rare pattern that separates it from normal birch wood. The durability of this raw material guarantees a sustainable ecological home.

Loimuhomes was officially founded in 2019, but we have many years of expertise in house building. We have familiar constructors to guarantee an excellent quality and to keep everything on schedule.

We are currently operating in Espoo and our goal is to expand to Helsinki and Kirkkonummi in the near future.

The curly birch is a blaze-patterned rare tree is a classical Finnish material.

It’s prized around the world because of its rarity.


Mikko Välimäki

Entrepreneur for the past 20 years from founding growth companies to successful exits.
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 / Uusimaa.
Past 5 years in real estate.

Tuomas Leppänen

M.Sc in construction engineering.
20 years in construction industry in different roles from a site manager to CEO.
Built soon 1000 homes in the greater Helsinki capital region.